Hearing Aid Financing Making Hearing Affordable!

Jul 11, 2012

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Hearing Aid Financing Making Hearing Affordable!

Hearing Aid Financing

Hearing Instruments can range from a around $1000 to several thousand dollars apiece. Since everyone’s hearing loss varies, sometimes the hearing help you need doesn’t fall within your budget but living with a hearing loss is not something you can afford. Recently, a study posted through the Better Hearing Institute, showed that a person with a severe hearing loss is likely to earn $12,000 less per year than someone with a milder hearing loss. Hearing aid financing may be an option for you.

Hearing instruments are an investment not only on your own personal well being but also can potentially affect your earning potential over time.

Vitale Institute would like to make Effortless Hearing Affordable our goal for every single one of our patients!

We are offering 12 month no interest financing options which would allow you to spread out your payments over 12 months (with approved credit). You can also choose a low monthly payment plan you can stretch out up to FIVE years!

You can finance our Top-Of-The-Line Hearing Aids as low as $70 per month for each hearing aid!! That’s only $140 per month to hearing the best you possibly can!

Our hearing aids start at $23 per month per paid and go up depending on technology.

Credit checks are required through AllWell Financing.

To schedule your no-obligation, free hearing aid evaluation, please call our office at (813) 406-4400.