What is Balloon Sinuplasty?

Nov 20, 2018

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What is Balloon Sinuplasty?

If you suffer from sinus infections, you know that antibiotics, decongestants, and steroids can do only so much. Balloon sinuplasty is a simple in-office procedure that gently expands the natural sinus openings to fix underlying drainage problems.

Until recently, sufferers of chronic or recurrent sinusitis were limited to two treatment options: medication therapy or aggressive sinus surgery. Fortunately, advances in medical science have opened new doors. Now there’s a treatment that can be performed in the comfort of Vitale ENT’s offices without the need for cutting or tissue removal.

Balloon sinuplasty is a minimally invasive in-office procedure, performed under local anesthesia, that delivers immediate and long-lasting relief. Dr. DiPasquale will reshape your sinus pathways by inflating small balloons in key places in the nose and sinuses, restoring drainage.

What is Balloon Sinuplasty?

What Can I Expect From Balloon Sinuplasty?

The balloon sinuplasty procedure is fast, comfortable, and convenient. It’s done in the sinus doctor’s office and effectively opens your sinus pathway for long-term relief. You’ll notice clearer breathing, improved sleep, fewer sinus infections, and a better quality of life — without medication.

Here’s how balloon sinuplasty works:

  • The physician places a small balloon in the sinus opening
  • The balloon is gently inflated for about five seconds to expand the opening and restore drainage
  • The balloon is deflated and removed
  • The physician treats the next sinus passageway as needed

Frequently Asked Questions About Balloon Sinuplasty

  1. What does balloon sinuplasty feel like? Local anesthetic is used, so you will be awake during the procedure and comfortable. You will feel some pressure when the balloon is gently inflated in your sinus passage and you may hear a crackling sound.
  2. How much pain will I feel? Many people report little discomfort during the procedure and after.
  3. How long does balloon sinuplasty take? Balloon sinuplasty typically takes about one hour.
  4. What does the doctor do during the procedure? After applying the anesthetic and waiting for about 20 minutes, the doctor will:
    • Place a small balloon in the sinus opening
    • Gently inflate the balloon for about five seconds to expand the opening and restore drainage
    • Deflate and remove the balloon
    • Treat the next sinus as needed